Chile Con Trickaz
Monday 30th November 2009
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Tony Hawk!!
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Tha Trickaz


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Our recording of Tha Trickaz's live set at the Tony Hawk skate show in Paris was so phenomenal we wanted to let you hear as much of it as possible.

So we have two meaty chunks of it in GS025 for you to enjoy this week. Global Soundtracker Marjorie also interviewed Tha Trickaz in advance of their show. They spoke about how their backgorunds have informed their music as well as how they have gone about creating their own scene outwith 'the scene' in Paris. You can hear this interview leading into the first part of the set.

We also have an exclusive track from Bournemouth's Yaaard who once played a gig in our intern Henrie's living room. If you like what you hear you'll be pleased to know he is working on an album. Keep an eye on his website for details of this as well as how to request him to play in your own living room. And finally if you're craving a little sunshine is these winter months, we have a pretty, glitchy, poppy offering from a band all the way from Chile but confusingly named after a popular Greek dish, Souvlaki.

Presented by Tom Ravenscroft
Produced by Emily Mules


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Tha Trickaz (FR) - 'Interview and live set from Paris, part 1'
Souvlaki (CL) - '2.48 am'
Yaaard (GB) - 'Unfocus' (Reckno)
Tha Trickaz (FR) - 'Live Set from Paris, part 2'
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