Yanks, Demons and Wolves
Monday 23rd November 2009
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A Scissors


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We kick off the show this week in Australia with Canyons and their gorgeous minimal techno featuring more than a hint of blissed out nineties saxaphone action.

Other destinations in GS024 are Mexico, Florida and France (via India) thanks to the wonderful Jalebee Cartel's remix of Solead's track, 'So What.' We also make a long overdue return to the land of beautiful people, Denmark, and our favourite Copenhagen duo, Kenton Slash Demon. They have a new EP coming out and have kindly given us the title track 'Sun' to play which we hope you agree is pretty immense.

Presented by Tom Ravenscroft
Produced by Emily Mules


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Canyons (AU) - 'Dancing on Silk' (Hole In The Sky)
Kenton Slash Demon (DK) - 'Sun'
Jalebee Cartel (IN) - 'So What' (Beef)
Almeyda (MX) - 'Bella de Morado' (Imeca Music)
A Scissors (US) - 'One Three Four' (Hairy Sloth)
Optivion (US) - 'Three Wolves, One Spear'
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