African Dope/Cape Town
Monday 16th November 2009
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Table Mountain
Picture credit: Emily Mules
Cape Town Dog
Picture credit: Emily Mules


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Continuing our coverage from South Africa, GS023 takes in Cape Town and the finest label in the city, African Dope.

We spoke to co-founder Roach in his office (complete with enviable view of Table Mountain), as well as the latest signing to the label, Mix n Blend, in their studio on top of the excellent Fiction bar and club.

Roach discusses the development of the label in conjuction with the development of the music scene in Cape Town as we play tracks from the labels back catalogue. Mix n Blend tell us about how they approached recording their debut album on a label they have grown up with.

To end the show this week we have a contender for Tom's favourite track of the year, 'Blood' by Australia's The Middle East. The band are very kindly giving this track  away for free, download your own copy here. Email to tell us your own favourite track of the year and we will produce some sort of end of year chart to give Tom his very own Top Of The Pops moment.



Presented by Tom Ravenscroft
Produced by Emily Mules


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