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September 2009

Wednesday 30th September 2009 | Posted by Tom
Hi sound fans, this week the whole Global Soundtracks team, except me, have catapulted themselves to the far flung reaches of the "globe" in search of interesting music to play you, which is very good of them if not slightly irresponsible.  What they didn't think through, as they sat keenly, rucksack by their side on the way to the airport, is...

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Thursday 24th September 2009 | Posted by Eric
Having finally caught up on the sleep missed at Incubate Festival in Tilburg, I thought it was about time to reveal all.

Formerly known ZXZW, Incubate is a truly original festival. While most festivals cover one specific type of entertainment, Incubate covers it all. Be it dance, art, music or film, this festival held nothing back and as a...

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Saturday 19th September 2009 | Posted by Emmet

One night down with two left to go Luasannes electronic music festival aptly named Electrosanne, in homage to this great city, does not dissapoint.  The whole town centre has been transformed into one big party all centered around the free music square at Place de l’Europe which headlined with an electric show by French mashup crew Beat...

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Tuesday 15th September 2009 | Posted by Emily
We just received the following pictures from Global Soundtracks devotee, Tim Tausenfreund. He took a road trip from his home in The Netherlands to a rather lovely spot on the Spanish Atlantic Coast, deciding to spread the Global Soundtracks word on his way with a bunch of home made stickers. Happy times! xox

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Monday 14th September 2009 | Posted by Eric
For those of you not in the know, Record of the Day is a UK-based music news subscription service, and this week our very own Tom was featured in their Media Spotlight discussing... well, a lot! You can read the interview in full on our MySpace page, which gives you a little insight into Tom's... well, rather eccentric mind.

Record of the...

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Monday 14th September 2009 | Posted by Tom
 Hey hey hey, I hope you are all well and enjoying the Globalsoundtracks podcasts, which are the perfect accompaniment to any week. This week the show has been keeping me amused whilst I try to stay awake; I have the theory, backed up by a number of ancient French people who resided in the Alps, that around this time of year we are all supposed...

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Monday 14th September 2009 | Posted by Emily
Good morning lovelies.
Apologies for the slight delay in getting GS015 to you all, it will be available to download and stream this afternoon. Why not take a look at this to entertain you until then.

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Saturday 12th September 2009 | Posted by Chris
An amazing second day here at the Numusic festival, where things could have gone horribly wrong.

The problem with building so much of your set around a laptop is that if it breaks, it's pretty tough to just go acoustic. Plus, if you have a fully interactive visual show featuring an entire band of replicants of yourself on the same laptop,...

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Friday 11th September 2009 | Posted by Emile
Descending the hill, you can swear that you are in Thailand. Down below the dense forest and rolling hills, you are certain you will find Virginie Ledoyen and Leonardo indulging in wild and drug-addled orgy.

But when you finally reach the secluded beach they are nowhere to be seen, because this is a cove located on the north-east corner of...

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Thursday 10th September 2009 | Posted by Chris
Picturesque Stavanger is the scene for 4 days of blips, bleeps and breaks with the odd guitar thrown in for good measure as the Numusic festival kicks off here.

The cobbled streets and quaint shops give such a calming feel, only to be interupted by large groups of excited festival goers - the kids here wear black more than in Germany - good...

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Wednesday 9th September 2009 | Posted by Emily
The BBC World Service is encouraging people to send in their 'sounds' in order to create an interactive map of the world and preserve sounds for future generations. I like that there is little categorisation of sound. You can send in what you like. You are encouraged by the specific sound 'challenges', this week sirens and alarms, as well as a...

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Tuesday 8th September 2009 | Posted by Eric
In the last ten minutes or so, it has been confirmed that Speech Debelle has won the Mercury Prize for Album of the Year. Congratulations are in order, obviously, but this year's nominations in particular have got me thinking about just what makes an album worthy of a Mercury nomination.

And the only thing I can think of is this; Publicity

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Thursday 3rd September 2009 | Posted by Emile
If you buy rugs in Tehran, suits in Hong Kong and diamonds in Antwerp... then you buy everything else in Shenzhen. It is hard to believe that this retail mecca still exists after peddling all manner of fake designer goods for so long. True, the quality has gone down slightly in the last couple of years. But this is not a street market with...

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Wednesday 2nd September 2009 | Posted by Emile
A lot of the works on display in the 798 Art District in Beijing are underwhelming, derivative pieces designed to cash in on the success of Chinese artists such as Zhang Xiaogang who enjoy "Western" success. One of the more refreshing installations in August came from Feng Mengbo, who has built upon his earlier work to create a huge, immersive...

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Wednesday 2nd September 2009 | Posted by Emmet
Since I've been tarred with the sex pest brush by the gorgeous Tom Ravenscroft, I've decided to let people in on a super sexy duo Eve Black/Eve White who are playing their first gig in over a year tonight.

You may know the girls better from An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, a band that is growing in popularity day to day and rightly...

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