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October 2009

Wednesday 28th October 2009 | Posted by Eric
You may have noticed that we've been mentioned in many a blog over the last few weeks. This makes us very happy in our hearts, so it's no surprise that we did the Lambrini (see below) when we got an email pointing us towards a rather lovely entry  on the Bang the DJ music blog.

Thanks for the mention James!

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Wednesday 28th October 2009 | Posted by Emily

Thanks to Neil in Glasgow for sharin this beauty with us...

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Tuesday 27th October 2009 | Posted by Henrietta
The archive is working! You can download any of the podcasts we've ever made. Apparently the server got confused with the clocks going back at the weekend. I thought that stuff went out with the Millenium Bug. Anyway, episode 20 is now up on Mixcloud if that's your prefered podcast site of choice.

By the way, my new favourite site is...

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Tuesday 27th October 2009 | Posted by Henrietta
We're having terrible troubles with our archive at the moment, so apologies to anyone trying to download old shows. Hopefully you're enjoying the current podcast, which is working you'll be glad to know.

In the meantime, if you're stuck for something to do then why not bet on who wins the battle of 'Rabbit vs. Snake'. There's only one way to...

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Monday 26th October 2009 | Posted by Emily

Thanks to Emmet for bringing this man into the lives of GS. All his videos are winners, but this one is his take on dub step.

xox GS

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Wednesday 21st October 2009 | Posted by Eric
Yeah, I shudder whenever I read/hear/imagineheadlines like that too. Actually, I nearly fell in front of an on-coming sleigh... I mean bus when I saw Christmas decorations pop up on the streets of South East London this week.

But Christmas, shockingly, is something we're thinking about here at GS Towers. But we're not thinking about our...

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Wednesday 21st October 2009 | Posted by Emmet
OK so this isn't strictly music based but I think its good to go check these things out and see whats happening out there. Here is a rather interesting event which revolves around City life and not all those bastards working in Canary Wharf either. Its taking place this weekend in Londons East End.

This is Not a Gateway. Here's their mission...

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Tuesday 20th October 2009 | Posted by Emily

We have been written about on the lovely Earworm blog. How ace! We are featured between a profile on Sabb and the following visual geekery.

xox GS

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Friday 16th October 2009 | Posted by Shaun
Glasgow music journalists today breath a sigh of relief as it was announced that Dress 2 Sweat, Wireblock and Stuff Records are to be merged into one new super label: Numbers.

In their own words: 
"Well after six years of pinching each others artists, selling each others records, and trying to explain to friends why we have THREE (or more)...

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Wednesday 14th October 2009 | Posted by Eric
Hello all, how are you keeping? Good? Good? Good.

You may remember Doma Tornados, the lovely Argentinian who we played a while back in GS014. Well, we caught up with him at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, where he was kind enough to let us record his set. You can hear some of this set in GS019, which is released on Monday 19th October.

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Thursday 8th October 2009 | Posted by Emily

We would like to win some awards. We hope you do too. If we receive enough nominations in the Cultural/Arts section of this years Podcast Awards, then we may win a cheap trophy to place above our roaring fire up in Global Towers. Happy times.

It only takes a couple of minutes to nominate, just pop our name and url in the Cultural/Arts...

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Wednesday 7th October 2009 | Posted by Emily

We are interviewing for new interns at GS. If you would like to come and work with us please send your cv and answers to the questions below to:

1. The last 3 killer tracks you heard and where you found out about them.
2. 3 clubnights/parties/festivals you think we should be covering and why.
3. A brief...

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Tuesday 6th October 2009 | Posted by Emily
I had an awful lot of fun in Lusaka trying to track down music for Global Soundtracks. Thanks to the advice of my host Will and the best driver in the world Nathan, I managed to avoid most of the commercial rubbish and big name  r'n'b guff from America you hear if you listen to the radio. That is unless you tune into one of two pretty great...

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Sunday 4th October 2009 | Posted by Eric
Just as a wee heads up to all you Global fans, there will, unfortunately, be no show this week. I know you'll be disappointed, but we work hard, and so are entitled to a holiday! And that is exactly what we are doing! HURRAH!!

But fear not! We have some rather juicy content over the next few weeks, including coverage of the Incubate festival...

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