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November 2009

Thursday 26th November 2009 | Posted by Emmet
  Slowfoot Records are putting on a fantastic night of Electronica in Brixton, in Dogstar, tonight if you can make it. They will be showcasingROBERT LOGAN live with a full band as well as support from recently signed to Ninja Tune GRASS CUT and a laptop set from P45.   Should be an impressive night of sounds so if your free come down. Doors at...

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Monday 23rd November 2009 | Posted by Emily

Here at Global Soundtracks we are looking to expand our list of researchers and bloggers based around the world. If you are passionate about music, understand what is of interest to the Global Soundtracks audience, and are totally in the loop when it comes to the underground music communities where you live, we want to hear from you.


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Saturday 21st November 2009 | Posted by Emmet
Charles Hayward and Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip are doing a free gig this afternoon in the ICA. Its being recorded and being released as an album. Should be highly entertaining and a must see. Sorry I only blogged about this now. Its on from 5PM til 7PM but get there early as you don't want to disturb the recording now do you! :)


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Friday 13th November 2009 | Posted by Eric
 Thanks to all of you who nominated us for the 2009 People's Choice Podcast Awards. Because of your nominations and the panel liking what we do, we've gotten through to the finals from over 3500 separate podcast nominated. Woo!

This is where you come back in. From today until Nov. 30th, you can vote for us to win under the Cultural and Arts...

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Thursday 12th November 2009 | Posted by Emily
For those of you who enjoyed our Iranian report and would like to send it on to people you think might be interested in it, or if you would simply like to listen to the piece by itself again, you can stream the piece on our SoundCloud page.

If you're interested in usng the piece, or any of the features you hear in our shows, simply get in...

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Wednesday 11th November 2009 | Posted by Marjorie
Aller aller on est à trois semaines des TransMusicales de Rennes 2009. Encore une fois ils nous honnor d'un line incroyable qui excitera le commun des mortels par des "Mais qu'est ce que c'est ce truc encore?". D'ici six mois, certains de ces groupes auront percé leurs oreilles.....

En attendant voic certains des groupes qu'i me tarde de...

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Wednesday 11th November 2009 | Posted by Tom
Brilliant, I think I might be going crazy, I've felt it coming on for a while now. It might have something to do with everyones refusal to hibernate with me, as I had suggested to you before. Anyway, I'll tell you my symptoms and you can let me know what you think. Firstly, my diet has been reduced solely to bananas which I don't imagine is...

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Wednesday 11th November 2009 | Posted by Chris
Finally! On this week's show you can hear the results of my investigation into the underground music scene in Iran.

As I'm sure you know it's a country with ultra-conservative rules and much political strife, but I've learnt that a thriving underground scene has existed there throughout most of the period since the Islamic Revolution. As...

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Tuesday 10th November 2009 | Posted by Emily

Really excited to find out today that we have been nominated in the Cultural/Arts category of this years Podcast Awards. Voting opens on 13th November and we will be telling you how to vote for us very soon. Now back to next weeks show. Who's up for some new tracks from Mix n Blend?

xox GS

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Monday 9th November 2009 | Posted by Emmet

You might remember a few weeks ago we had a report on the East London underground scene. Well one of the jewels of that particular dark crown, Brave Exhibitions, are taking their show on the road to Berlin. They've even brought along a stack of UK talent in the form of Oral Oral, featuring the talents of Dee Sada of An Experiment on a Bird in...

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Monday 9th November 2009 | Posted by Emily

Like all truly great musical beings, Global Soundtracks is big in Japan. Happily we are also rather popular in quite a few other countries, Denmark, Australia and Spain to name but three of our most interactive countries. I never like to kiss and tell, but it seems a little sad that our listeners in Canada and Germany in particular appear a...

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Friday 6th November 2009 | Posted by Henrietta
I can't shut up about it, so I thought I'd blog it. Aside from being put to twitchy sleep by the new Ethernet album, I've been mainly been getting exicted by the Pavement ATP. OK so they'll be old, wisened and won't jump around as much. But I just can't wait! It sold out in record time, so it had better be good. If it's it's on par with the...

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Monday 2nd November 2009 | Posted by Eric
 Hallowe'en is by far my favourite time of year. Always has been, but I find it a bit disappointing that, at least in London, it's not celebrated to the same extent as it is in the rest of the world. This is probably the reason I jumped at the chance to head to deepest darkest Wales for the evening - Fishguard, to be precise. Truly the end of...

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