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March 2010

Wednesday 31st March 2010 | Posted by Márcio

I have been thinking a lot about Brazilian popular music since my last post. That happens regardless my research on Tropicália but also because there are so many Brazilian bands and artists working in São Paulo nowadays that is hard to pick one to write about in English.

Not a good excuse. Eh! So in the last two weeks I attended to my...

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Monday 15th March 2010 | Posted by Márcio

Four days ago Glauco, one of the most brilliant Brazilians cartoonists, was shot dead along Raoni, his 25 year old son, in Osasco, near São Paulo city. Glauco was the famous creator of characters such as Dona Marta, Geraldão, Zé do Apocalipse among others. It’s already known that the murderer was a 24 year old man and the odds of this...

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Friday 5th March 2010 | Posted by Emmet

Hello all,


Its been a few days now and only getting to grips with the bizarre sights and the assault of tinny but hypnotising sounds of snake charmers from Djamaa El Fna Square in Marrakesh. London Piccadilly is a tranquil oasis in comparison.


I’d been to Morocco before as a conveyer belt tourist on one of those shitty one day trips to...

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Tuesday 2nd March 2010 | Posted by Márcio

Influenced by Rita Lee (Os Mutantes), pop diva Marina Lima, Rio de Janeiro ‘s bohemia, pós-punk, samba and boleros. Letícia Novaes and Lucas Vasconcellos joined life and music on Letuce’s first album, Plano de Fuga para cima dos Outros e de Mim.

Letícia has always been the protagonist on her bands. It’s not a matter of choice. She’s 5.9 tall,...

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