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January 2010

Friday 29th January 2010 | Posted by Emmet

Check out the Knifes new album in collaboration with Planning to Rock and Mt. Sims.
You can listen for free here. Enjoy.

to find out more about the ablum go here :)

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Monday 25th January 2010 | Posted by Emily
This has been doing the rounds, but think it deserves a little more attention. Karin = megalegend!


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Friday 8th January 2010 | Posted by Emmet

Rising like a pheonix type lizard from the Ashes is The Liberty Snake. We covered the East End London Underground back in GS 17 featuring Eve Black/Eve White. Those lovely twins will be playing this grand re-opening of The Liberty Snake. Heres a press release from Nurvuss. Dont miss it.

We're back and we're doing it big.
Jan 13th

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