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February 2010

Tuesday 23rd February 2010 | Posted by Márcio

It’s common saying in Brazil that the year just starts once Carnival is over. Photographer and pos counterculture enthusiast and photo composition wizard Fred Pellachin aka Turquoise Boy has returned to Brazil after six years living in the UK.

Fresh off the plane he deceided to do some digging into one of Brazil's most precious events: the...

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Monday 8th February 2010 | Posted by Márcio

At the moment I am writing this Beyonce performs for 70 thousand people in São Paulo. I would usually attend to this and to any other big international concert in Brazil, but since my return from a 14 days trip to Bahia my heart only beats for Chapada Diamantina.

One of the most beautiful touristic spots in Brazil, but still regarded as a cool...

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Monday 8th February 2010 | Posted by Emily
Apologies, the archive is currently unavailable. We are tinkering around with the website at the moment and all shows will be back and available to listen to again shortly.

Meanwhile, why not check out this brand new video by Errors, taken from their new album 'Come Down With Me', released on Rock Action Records in March. The album and...

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Thursday 4th February 2010 | Posted by Emily
So it may have taken us a little while to mention it,  but we wanted to make sure everyone knew that at the end of last year Tom was selected by the BBC as one of the 165 'tastemakers' in music for 2010. That's right, Tom has taste and influence. Golly. Check out the full list of people now receiving more demos than ever before here.


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Wednesday 3rd February 2010 | Posted by Eric
 A recent excusrsion to Berlin almost left me with frostbite, what with it never once going above -2 degrees and an average of -6. It didn't stop me and my comrades from using our feet to dance and not much else during the week there, though.

Berlin is famous for its incredible clubs. From Weekend to KitKatClub (a hardcore fetish club that...

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Wednesday 3rd February 2010 | Posted by Márcio

The car pulls over and I am finally out whereas two couple of gringos are climbing on the top of my cab. I am not sure where I am stepping in but I am glad I am not alone. Gaviões da Fiel (which literally means Loyals’ Hawk – in reference to the symbol and “loyal” supporters of Corinthians”, a major football team based in São Paulo) is usually...

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Wednesday 3rd February 2010 | Posted by Eric
We have a brand new mini show on the way for you next week! Emmett has been out harassing musicians and sticking mics in their faces, so we have a nice little collection of stuff for your ears, which will be released on Monday 8th Feb.

Are you excited? We are!

The GS Team 

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