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August 2009

Monday 31st August 2009 | Posted by Eric
To those of you in England and Wales, we hope you're enjoying your lie-in as much as we are, and what better way to spend the bank holiday than in a park listening to the newest installment of Global Soundtracks! At least thats what we've got planned!

To those of you elsewhere in the world, even though you might have to work, at least...

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Thursday 27th August 2009 | Posted by Eric
At least, I'm trying to while writing this blog.

As you may remember, Monday 17th of August was supposed to be the release date of GS011, our second show covering the Norberg Festival. However, due to goings on that were completely out of our hands, the show was delayed.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it takes a massive amount of work to...

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Wednesday 26th August 2009 | Posted by Emmet
Hello there,

Just a heads up to you vigilant Blog checkers. This Heats Charles Hayward, pioneer of experimental and all round great guy, is doing a solo show at Darklight at the Dogstar in Brixton. Joining him are the excellent and highly entertaining Black Carrot, whom I saw last weekend at Dislocation and opening for them is Sculpture, a...

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Wednesday 26th August 2009 | Posted by Emmet
Its not often Luton is noted for anything bar the airport and maybe a forgotten slice of society but the guys from School of Unthink, a Luton based collective of artists and musicians, have successfully for two days at least, transformed a small section of the high street in to an all out expression of rebellion or perhaps a reflection of life...

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Tuesday 25th August 2009 | Posted by Stef
So despite someone's cock up with the missing recordings (you are never going to live this one down I'm afraid intrepid GS team-you-know-who-you-are), what a treat that mix from Souleance was. Big love. 

What's the feeling then courageous musical explorers? What are you liking? What could we be doing better? Do you...

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Friday 21st August 2009 | Posted by Emily
Global Soundtracks has undergone a much needed summer make over. We have a brand new look to go with a double whammy of shows out on Monday. Don't say we're not good to you. The website will be developed further over the next few weeks, if you spot any mistakes please let us know and we'll dedicate a song to you.

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