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April 2010

Friday 16th April 2010 | Posted by Emmet


You might remember we did an interview with the lovely Stefan Schneider from To Rococo Rot at the Open Source Festival in Dusseldorf. We even had some of his live set on the show but if your lucky enough to be in London for the next couple of weeks for the Ether festival you can check him out live yourself with To Rococo Rot down on...

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Tuesday 13th April 2010 | Posted by Márcio

Since German Thomas Haferlach and friends set a new party at Rua Augusta in early 2009, geeks, gays, nerds, and all kind of alternative people found a place like any other to hang out and party in downtown São Paulo. There was already some nice parties going on such as Taco Bells, Odara et al, but nothing that could combine the alternative mood...

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