Global Soundtracks is your essential guide to the world of new and experimental music, packaged for your ears in the form of a weekly podcast.

As well as featuring artists from every corner of the globe, we go the extra mile, as it were – by actually traveling around the world to bring you the most exciting sounds from local underground music communities.

This includes live recordings and interviews from festivals you've never heard of, scenes you didn't know exist, sounds you didn't realise you liked.

While there are people experimenting, pushing the boundaries and creating new things with music, there's always an adventure to be had. And thanks to affordable recording equipment and the internet, there is more new music being produced and distributed now than ever before.

But some things don't change.

From the Pied Piper to John Peel, bloggers to your older brother, it is people that bring us the soundtracks to our lives. A machine may be able to guess what music we like based on our listening habits but only a human being can appreciate the adventure.

Without these musical explorers, it would be too easy to listen to the same old playlists on loop, your natural curiosity disabled by a soundtrack that soothes but rarely satisfies.

Global Soundtracks is not just bringing you the music, we're inviting you along for an adventure. So, volume up, let's see what's out there.

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